Ruth Rowland on Creating the Cover for Not Thomas

Lettering artist, Ruth Rowland, explains the thinking behind her emotive design for the cover of Not Thomas on her website today.

As well as designing book covers, Ruth creates logos and designs lettering for TV & film. She also creates lettering for album covers too, and she’s worked with musicians such as – to name just a handful – Bill Wyman, Simple Minds, James Blunt and most thrilling of all for me, Kate Bush.

I absolutely love the cover Ruth has created for ‘Not Thomas’, and the feedback Honno Press and I have had about it has been wonderful.

I’m very grateful to Ruth for capturing the feeling of the book so perfectly. And that connection to Kate Bush –  a singer I listened to on a loop for all those years as I wrote about little Tomos – that’s just the icing on the cake!

Ruth’s website: Ruth Rowland Lettering Artist

Sara’s debut novel ‘Not Thomas’ – a story of child neglect, love and hope, shown through the eyes of a five-year-old boy – is published by Honno Press in paperback and as an e-book, and is available to buy direct from the publisher, from Amazon and from all good bookshops.