My Review of Not Thomas by Sara Gethin #contemporary fiction

Here’s the very first review of my debut novel ‘Not Thomas’. It made me cry – in a happy way.

Judith Barrow

Not Thomas by [Gethin, Sara]I gave Not Thomas 5* out of 5*

My Review:

Every now and then I read a book that sets all my sense tingling with the brilliance of it.

And this is why I wanted to write my review in a different way than normal.

 I don’t just mean that the characters are so multi-layered and rounded that I can empathise with them. Or that the descriptions give a wonderful sense of place that make the settings easy to envisage.  Or that the plot makes a story that is innovative and original.

I mean a book that holds all these… and more. And this novel does just that

 Not Thomas is narrated through the point of view of the protagonist, Tomas. He’s five years old. And, because of this, the narration and his dialogue are simplistic and poignant; the words jump off the page as those of a five year…

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