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“…one of the most stunning books I’ve read this year. As I finished reading, I immediately nominated it for the Guardian Not The Booker prize – if there is any justice in this world (and I do hope there will be) this book should be on mainstream prize shortlists everywhere.”

Anne Williams, book blogger.

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“… you’d be hard pressed to find a work of fiction in this field with the child’s perspective so skillfully represented… a perfect read for a book club… You will finish this book and not only want to give it to the stranger next to you on the bus, the beach, the hotel dining room, but to beg them to read it.”

Emily May, Inspira – Current Affairs & Lifestyle

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“Sara Gethin’s writing is formidable, what she is able to convey in such a simplistic way is incredibly effective.”

Bethan Hindmarch, book blogger.

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“I defy anyone not to be affected by this book… right up there on my list of highly recommended reads. Simply stunning. Simply shocking!”

J B Johnston, book blogger.

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“…a unique book. Bitter-sweet – heavier on the bitter – but fabulous. Truly fabulous.”

Laura Wilkinson, author of ‘Skin Deep’

“Once in a blue moon a book comes along that leaves me struggling to write a review adequate enough to do it justice. Not Thomas is THAT book…  A contender for book of the year for sure.”

Alison Drew, book blogger.

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“This is the human face of contemporary child poverty where the kindness of others, the refusal to look away, can make the difference between life and death. A difficult subject woven into a darkly engaging story. A recommended read.”

Jackie Law, writer & book blogger

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“…in a very similar style to the book Room, which I also loved… Although this book is not a thriller, it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Although it’s not a mystery, it keeps you guessing. Although it’s fiction, it depicts a situation which could very well be true.”

Elizabeth, book reviewer.

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“This book is by far one of the best reads I have had in five years, the writer is the most exciting new thing to come out of Wales since the Severn Bridge. If you read nothing else this year you simply have to read ‘Not Thomas’.”

Ellen Best, book blogger.

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“The beauty of this book lies in the gorgeous, deceptively simple prose… I read it in one sitting, unable to set it aside…”

Carol Lovekin, author of ‘Ghostbird’.

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“Every now and then I read a book that sets all my senses tingling with the brilliance of it… this is a dark, compelling story with a gripping plot.”

Judith Barrow, author of ‘A Hundred Tiny Threads’.

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“Beautifully crafted, this book is a must read”

Jan Baynham, writer and book blogger.

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“The reason you can’t put this book down is because you never want to let go of Tomos… A must for anyone who has a hope for a better world for our children.”

Anna Moore, headteacher

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“…one of the most stunning books I’ve ever had the pleasure to read…”

Jan Newton, author of ‘Remember No More’

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“…a vivid depiction of what life is like for a child in a chaotic environment where no adults are capable of taking responsibility. Highly recommended.”

Sheri, book blogger

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“If you’re looking for a gripping and compelling story, get this book, it’s fantastic.”

Anniek, book blogger

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Sara’s debut novel ‘Not Thomas’ – a story of child neglect, love and hope, shown through the eyes of five-year-old Tomos – is published by Honno Press in paperback and as an e-book, and is available to buy direct from the publisher, from Amazon and from bookshops.